SpaDreams: Health & Wellness Travel Specialists

A new and existing holiday theme has quickly approached, dominated and satisfied the Health & Wellness enthusiasts. Whilst being vastly popular and the main tour operator in Germany, we now have to expand globally, which is the happening right now!

SpaDreams was discovered & started in 2013 by the International tour operator FIT Reisen. They are the leading tour operator for Health and Wellness tourism! SpaDreams is now a segment of this brand, expanding all over the world in providing services and Wellness holidays to English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish and Chinese enthusiasts.

Now the tour operator has expanded, we offer over 3,500 health, spa & wellness holidays in over 400 locations in more than 50 countries! Whether you want to go to a popular or a totally niche resort, we will have a destination for you!

With each of our Travel and health experts, we can make your dream holiday a reality, with SpaDreams best price guaranteed, and our quality promise to satisfy every individual whilst booking the resort & throughout your whole holiday experience. Therefore each destination & resort is careful researched for quality and standards before being placed as a hotel partner! This also brings up the topic of SpaDreams unbeatable prices & deals.

As a tourism specialists, we know that a health and wellness vacation is not everyone's 'cup of tea' so on a lot of the resorts, we do just offer the programme that is 'Relax' or something similar. This is for those visitors who is not interested in the Health & Wellness side, but are still interested in our Amazing prices and resorts!! Just to provide you with an example:

• Relaxation by the sea at the SUNNY Adriatic Coast in Croatia. This is at a 4 star hotel directly on a beach/coast! The price is an amazing £92 PP for 8 days! This is just one of our many amazing deals!!

This is SpaDreams, and we are here to make farfetched vacations become reality!! So if you like what you have read, or feel you need more information please email [email protected] OR visit the web-page to view more amazing offers, programs & resorts:

Thank you for reading!!

Author: SpaDreams

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